Why Self-Medicating Your Pets is a No-No

From time to time as a private practitioner I often encounter pet owners that self-medicate their pets. As a veterinarian, you’d be shocked to learn about this. It’s not always that they go about telling it openly during vet visits, but by simply asking some questions they would admit to it casually as if itsContinue reading “Why Self-Medicating Your Pets is a No-No”

Rabies Informational For Pet Owners: Rabies Is Real

  Many years ago when I was still a newly qualified vet and was still living up in the North, I received a call from a client who needed me to check on his dog at their home as the dog was not eating and “acting really strange”. Upon arriving at their house, I sawContinue reading “Rabies Informational For Pet Owners: Rabies Is Real”

Why I Opened My Veterinary Clinic In Marikina City

I live in Antipolo City and conversations with clients sometimes lead to asking me why I opened my veterinary clinic in Marikina City. I could answer with a really short one like, “because I couldn’t find a sweet spot to open up a clinic in Antipolo City”. But in every story, there is always aContinue reading “Why I Opened My Veterinary Clinic In Marikina City”

How Regular Grooming Improves Your Dog’s Overall Health

To some pet owners, dog grooming may be done to pamper their dogs but for the most part, grooming helps to promote a dog’s overall quality of life. In a veterinary clinic, grooming may seem just another small add-on service but most vet clinics in the Philippines offer grooming services for the reason that regularContinue reading “How Regular Grooming Improves Your Dog’s Overall Health”