Re: Temporary Clinic Hours

Hi, just in case you visited this page searching for an open veterinary clinic in Marikina City, yes we are open and we do have temporary changes to our clinic hours. Also, we accept consultation and grooming services by appointment basis to minimize crowding inside the clinic. Please see below our temporary clinic hours. ThisContinue reading “Re: Temporary Clinic Hours”

A Veterinarian’s Life at Marikina Bayan

About two-and-a-half years ago, I came to Marikina City searching for an ideal place to rent for a veterinary clinic that I wanted to put up. Now if you go to any unfamiliar city, taking the commuter route would almost always lead you to the city’s center, and that’s what I did. I landed rightContinue reading “A Veterinarian’s Life at Marikina Bayan”