doc ford

Hi, welcome to our site.

We are a small, independently-owned veterinary clinic located at Sta. Elena, Marikina City, started by Dr. Rutherford Pascua (Doc Ford) in November 2015. We are a relatively young practice compared to other veterinary service providers in Marikina, but through hard work and dedication, our client-base has been growing constantly everyday.

Our services include veterinary consultations, basic preventive healthcare services such as deworming, vaccination (5 in 1, 6 in 1, and anti-rabies), heartworm prevention, and tick and flea prevention.

We also do routine spay and castration and other surgeries, blood testing and related laboratory, and confinement services. Additional services like dog grooming and boarding is also available at Vetopia Animal Clinic.

The best way to contact us is by calling our landline number or by sending us a text message. You can also send us a message through our contact form on our Contact Us page. Please don’t send us inquiries through our Facebook Page,  as we do not monitor our social media page for inquiries. However, please like Vetopia Animal Clinic Facebook Page to receive updates like new blog post or updates with our products and services.

Looking forward for you to come visit our clinic soon!

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