Why I Opened My Veterinary Clinic In Marikina City

veterinary clinic in Marikina City

I live in Antipolo City and conversations with clients sometimes lead to asking me why I opened my veterinary clinic in Marikina City. I could answer with a really short one like, “because I couldn’t find a sweet spot to open up a clinic in Antipolo City”. But in every story, there is always a preceding story.

I was an OFW for four and a half years. I used to work as a Veterinary Technician in Hong Kong and I had the privilege to work side by side with veterinarians from the UK, US, South Africa, and Australia. The work was really challenging at first but as time passed by, I really felt that I had to move on and go and start my own business. I was so seized with entrepreneurial seizure that I was willing to start any business that I could put my hands into.

Finally I came home last June 2015 and believe it or not, I did not have a concrete plan on what business should I put up and how to start. I attended a seminar and came up with starting a mushroom production business. The first venture was such a failure that I wasted so much time and money for three months, growing mushrooms rather unsuccessfully.

After some soul-searching, it hit me square in the face to open up something that I already know how it works, and since I am a licensed veterinarian, why not open up a veterinary clinic instead? Truthfully, I tried to avoid the veterinary industry and I thought I would never practice being a vet again because I thought that I lost all my confidence from lack of practice in the last four and a half years of being abroad.

But by God, being a vet was all I ever cared about since graduation from college and I know I am already equipped with the knowledge solid enough to open up my own practice. It was some major decision to make, not only because I am starting another business but also because I had to face my own fear if I can still be a competent vet.

And so the rest was history. I started to look for shops available for rent in Antipolo City. I was able to find some, but if the place was good, the rent was very expensive. And if the rent was affordable, it was not suitable for a vet clinic business. I was starting to lose hope and so I thought I would try searching at Marikina City — which was the closest city next to Antipolo.

As I was walking along Shoe Avenue in Sta. Elena, Marikina City, I saw a vacant shop with a “for rent” sign printed on a streamer hanging by the front of the vacant unit. The traffic was great, and although the place was still unfamiliar to me, I felt that it was perfect for a veterinary clinic. Well, if I couldn’t open a vet clinic in Antipolo at this time, I don’t mind opening a veterinary clinic in Marikina City. Fortunately, the shop was still available for rent during that time.

After negotiations with the rent and few weeks of renovation works, there it is, the business that God has willed for me. The clinic formally opened last January 2016 and after a year  and 8 months of operation, we still continue to grow with new clients coming in almost every day since we opened. Most of our clientele come from the neighboring households who are quite happy to have a nearby veterinary clinic to go to.

Though majority of our clients come from Marikina City, still, some clients come from outskirts of Marikina like Cainta, Antipolo, Pasig, Quezon City and San Mateo, Rizal.


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