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Our Services

Preventive Healthcare

We offer comprehensive preventive healthcare programs for your dogs and cats such as deworming, vaccination, heartworm prevention and tick and flea prevention.

Dental Prophylaxis

If your dog or cat has moderate to severe plaque formation, he may need to undergo dental scale and polish soon. Please call us to learn more about this service.

Wellness Check

If you happen to have a new puppy or a newly adopted adult dog or cat and just want to make sure everything is alright, please don’t hesitate to visit us for us to give your pet a wellness check.

Vet Consultations

Treating sick dogs and cats is our expertise. Vet consultations for out patient cases usually last for 15-20 minutes depending on the complexity of the case presented.

Pet Grooming Services

Our clinic offers grooming services to help you maintain your dog’s coat in tip top condition. Grooming includes haircut, bath, blow dry, nail clip, and ear cleaning.

Prescription Diets

Prescription pet food really helps a lot in managing ongoing medical problems of your dogs and cats. We carry Royal Canin and Delicate Care prescription diets at our clinic.

Surgery & Confinement

We offer routine spay and castration services for dogs and cats as well as more complex surgical procedures for sick patients. Confinement services are also available.

Pet Boarding Services

Going out of town? No one to feed and look after your dog and cat? We are here to help. Simply give us a call to inquire and to book them in advance.

Pet Supplies & Accessories

We also also sell regular pet food, soap and shampoo, nutritional supplements, and other pet accessories such as diaper, training pads, food bowls, water feeder, etc.

Brands We Carry

What Our Clients Say

He gives professional care, provide correct information, he is true and genuine to his profession and does not take advantage of other people’s weakness (sick pets).

Kimaru, Satisfied Client

The clinic is not up to your money, their products and services are affordable.

Nikka M., Satisfied Client

I had a good experience with this clinic. You can see Doc’s genuinity to saving and caring for your pets. Sobrang worth it.

Pamela A., Satisfied Client

Dr. Rutherford Pascua is quite a highly-skilled doctor when it comes to the field.

Celine Kate T., Satisfied Client

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